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attractive male buttocks
jeans butts boy

Attractive Male Butts for both genders

We do everything to make you look good, as attractive for yourself as all genders thanks to Endopeel techniques.

  • Reshaping Soccer Butts
  • Fit your butts with your preferred pants
  • Get symmetrical butts
  • Reshaping atrophic /hypotrophic butts
  • Masculinize your butts
  • Reshaping old male butts
indications and gender-dominican boy

Indications for Mens & Boys

Men want to be stylish too,and consider their butts as a second visit card .

  • Young Sporty Male
  • Projection Point below the red line
    typical for sporty people
  • Internal Column untreated
    Most guys wish this
  • External Column untreated
    Typical for Males
  • Infra Gluteal area untreated
    typical for males
  • Infra Gluteal fold Lifted
    valid for all genders

External Concavity at Contraction

All males need an external concavity for their butts
  • Mostly males have an external concavity seen bestens from controlateral side at the contraction.
  • This is typical for male butts, even if it may exist for some females.
  • This concavity has to be respected and thats why the area of this concavity HAS NOT TO BE TREATED .
  • In case the external column would be treated, the butt would look like a choupette and no more like a butt !

Indications for Male Gluteoplasty

male gluteus maximus

Get symmetrical butts

atrophic male butt

Reshaping atrophic /hypotrophic butts

soccer male butts

Reshaping Soccer Butts

male butts in his preferred fit jeans

Fit your butts with your preferred pants

gay male butts

Masculinize your butts

obese asian male butts

Obese Asian Male Butts

Resume of Male Indications for Endopeel Gluteoplasty

Click on the description of each indication below to get more informations documented too with pictures and comments.

A Brazilian Butt is not the right indication for Endopeel technics

male brazilian butt

This indication is OK but not for all men ! It s up to the patient who decides for himself

ruby butt

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