not all buttocks are alike
  • white female butts
  • sculpture male butts
  • black female butts
men's buttocks are identical regardless of race

women's buttocks differ by ethnicity

Female Butts Shapes

The 4 female butts shapes

the 4 butts types

Till nowadays each woman in function of her ethny had a special choice between those 4 shapes.

butts muscles

Endopeel works on muscles as subcutaneous tissues

The 5 ethnic female butts

White Caucasian

These patients generally want buttocks that are full but not extremely large.  

Black European/US

These women have a strong and consistent ideal of very large buttocks. 

North African

north african female butt

These women generally want full buttocks with opened anal area

Asian/Sth East

vietnamese female butt

Request of moderate size without fullness of lateral buttock


These patients prefer buttocks as lateral ones very full  preferring a slight fullness in the lateral thigh

Latin Female Butt in Dark Jeans

latin butt in dark jeans
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latin dominican sporty guy butt

Latin Dominican Sporty Guy Butt

  • Isovolumetric Projection
    3 ml
  • Left Butt treated
    Right Butt untreated
  • External Concavity
    Butt masculinisation
  • Infragluteal Convexity
    Butt Masculinisation
  • Infragluteal Fold Lifting
    Requested for all
  • Millenium Style
    25 years old guy
  • Ethny
    Black Dominican

Ethnic Variations in function of waist/hip ratio

  • Caucasian
  • Black European/US
  • North African
  • Asian
  • Latino/Hispanic
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