Step 3 : Marking the Projection Point

projection-point nude-projectionWorst side has been selected (here right side)

because wider than the controlateral left one and too more falling down.

The red cross corresponds to the projection point

which is designed my modern fashion designers

as the inner top of the pocket of the jeans ( only if taille basse).

It is too designed as red cross on the nude patient,

always in orthostatic position.

Step 4 : Gluteus Area Limits

gluteus gluteal-limitsMarking the gluteus area limits is realtively simple .It goes from the banana fold down to the presacral triangle upwards. On left scheme the gluteal area is filled in orange and the presacral triangle in blue .

Step 6 : Pre sacral triangle inferior point+line

Lpresacral-line The most important line is to trace the horizontal

getting through the inferior point of the presacral triangle.

Trace in red .Above this line, just tighten but never lift the butts.

Under this line tighten and lift .

Remember that the distance between the inferior point of the presacral triangle

and the superior point of the infragluteal diamond has to be as short as possible.

Step 7 : Divide the gluteal area in quadrants

vertical-gluteusLhorizontal-gluteus Divide now the whole gluteal area in quadrants using 2 wooden tonguers vertical and horizontal. Each quadrant needs to be treated separately . Such quadrant corresponds approximatively to 2cm x 2cm

Step 8: Forbidden areas to treat

forbidden-areasForbidden areas to treat are quadrants with a red cross inside. To treat such areas would open the anus which would lead the patient to walk like a duck .

Step 9 : The gluteal area to tighten

tightenAbove the red line getting through the inferior point of the presacral triangle, the area is just to tighten. That s why we put in all quadrants except one, arrows which are horizontal .Each arrow has to be horizontal but the sens of each arrow is the one looking to the projection point ( red cross below).In just one quadrants there is no arrow, as it is placed in the vertical column where the projection point is .

Step 10 : Tips & Tricks

tips-tricks In case the red line goes through quadrants , the red line law is the one to take in account. Just tighten but do not lift. That is why you see tighten black arrows under the red line on this picture.

Step 11: Complete Marking

full-markingNow under the red line,white arrows are lifting and tightening,

looking for the sense always towards the projection point.

Just in the vertical column getting through the projection point,

tightening and lifting arrows will be only vertical .

Step 12 : 1 st vertical vector

1st-vectorThe first vectors in each quadrant have to be normal to the muscular gluteal plan .That means that the syringe has to make an angle of 90 grades with the gluteal area and has to be strictly vertical . The injection is realized in the center of each quadrant with 0.1 ml ( 1 graduation of the BD 1 ml luer lok syringe) of endopeel carbolic acid , using needles BD between 27 and 25 g x 0.4 mm. You need to push with your left hand the syringe and needle , not allowing the Archimede contro reaction .

Step 13 :2 nd gluteal tensor

oblique-tensorThe 2 nd tensor(improperly called vector)will follow the arrows

but the syringe has to make no angle with the plane of the gluteal area.

It takes the maximum of the quadrant ( diagonale)

looking always towards the projection point.

You need to push maximum.

Inject 0.1 ml for each quadrant 2nd tensor .

Step 14 : The Banana Fold

The banana fold has to be treated on males as females,

introducing the syringhe deep by pushing vertically in the banana fold,

each centimeter,

injecting 0.1 ml of endopeel carbolic acid .

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